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Paella Gas Burners


Garcima have been pioneers in the design & manufacture of paella cooking systems for over 40 years. They produce an extensive range of gas burners that can heat pans up to 130cm diameter and a range that can be used both indoors and out.

We stock 3 models of paella gas burner - "Standard", "+Gas" and a range of " +Gas Professional" burners.

Classic Gas Burners - Traditional paella gas burners in either single or dual ring options.

+Gas Paella Burners - By far our most popular  range of burners for domestic use. A new generation of paella gas burner delivering over 40% more power than their "classic" counterparts. This gives you the flexibility to use a wider range of pan sizes on each burner size.

+Gas Pro Gas Burners - The +Gas range of paella burners are now available with  flame failure valves connected to each gas ring forming our +Gas PROF range. This makes fully compliant for GasSafe certification for commercial and enclosed or semi enclosed use (eg indoors or, marquees).

All our burners will run on either butane or  propane and have been adapted by the manufacturers for UK gas pressures.


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