Cooking Paella over an open fire

Wednesday, 28 February 2018  |  Kevin - Admin

Cooking paella over a wooden fire is great fun and the most traditional way of cooking - its also easier than you might think

Apart from the usual safety precautions, other tips for cooking you paella over an open fire are:

  • Ensure the wood used is not tainted by paint or creosote
  • Use small bits of wood that will burn down quickly - Traditionally Orange branches are used, but are a bit difficult to find in the UK!
  • Have enough space around the tripod in order that you can rake out the embers (especially when the paella is very nearly cooked)
  • Start with a medium fire when cooking your meat or fish.
  • Build up the fire when the stock is in (the flames can be licking around the side of the pan).
  • When the rice is starting to show through, let the fire die down or rake out to only embers showing.
  • Use a long handle skimmer spoon

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