Adjustable Levelling Feet for Tripod Stands
 Adjustable Levelling Feet for Tripod StandsAdjustable Levelling Feet for Tripod Stands 
Adjustable Levelling Feet for Tripod Stands
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  • Height adjustable feet for round-tube tripod  gas burner stands 
  • Suitable for Standard Tripod stand, re-inforced tripod stand and adjustable Folding legs
  • Self-levelling feet pads for uneven surfaces
  • Can be retrofitted to existing tripod stands (if ordered with tripod, we will fit as standard)

It is important for paella pans to be level, and it has always been a challenge for achieve this easily, especially on soft or uneven ground. Often this is a done using a variety of wooden chocks, which apart from being awkward, can sometimes be unstable.

This set of adjustable feet can simple be retro-fitted to your existing tripod stand, by prising off the existing foot pad and tapping in the new base. With the new feet attached to the tripod the whole setup can be simply levelled before stating to cook. The feet pads are also self-levelling so they can adapt to uneven surfaces.


Please note: They are not suitable for the "square" section tripod legs found on the Vaello Campos ECO Sets




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