Guides and Information

We aim to make your product selection as well-informed and stress free as possible. We have put together a range of information pages that should aid you on your selections. However if you need any further advice or information, please feel free to contact us.

Paella Pan Servings Guide

Our range of paella pans includes pans from a simple tapas serving to 200 portions. Use this guide to find the correct pan for your needs.

Gas Regulator & Gas Guide

Select the correct gas regulator for your gas bottle and learn about the available LPG gas options.

Cooking over an open fire

Cooking paella over an open fire is a fantastic and traditional way to cooking this amazing dish. Its a lot easier than you might think, so get your tips here.

GAS BURNER TEChnical Guide

All the technical details for our range of paella gas burners including heat output, gas consumption and supported pans.

Caring for your Paella Pan

Looking after your paella pan is very easy. Use this guide to show you the simple steps needed.

Terracotta Care Guide

You will love our range of beautiful terracotta dishes, so use this guide to learn how care for them and they will give you years of service


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