LotusGrill Beechwood Charcoal 1Kg Box
LotusGrill Beechwood Charcoal 1Kg Box
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Model:  LG-SK-1000-B



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  • Sufficient for about 6 uses of a LotusGrill standard and 3 times for a LotusGrill XL
  • Packed in convenient box
  • Right charcoal size for the LotusGrill charcoal basket
  • Fast ignition
  • High heat output

LotusGrill Beech-BBQ-Charcoal has an extremely high carbon content and calorific value. This results in an especially short ignition time. LotusGrill Beech-BBQ-Charcoal burns longer and glows hotter than ordinary charcoal. It is a 100% natural product made without energy in Europe's most modern manufacturing facility.


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