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Multi-function Windshield & Open Fire Enclosure 50cm


Multi-function Windshield & Open Fire Enclosure 50cm
 Multi-function Windshield & Open Fire Enclosure 50cmMulti-function Windshield & Open Fire Enclosure 50cm 
Price:  £89.99(Inc. 20% VAT)(£74.99 Exc. VAT)Earn 89 Loyalty Points

Model:  PC15050
Paella Pan Size:  46cm to 60cm
Gas Burner Size:  350mm or 400mm

Please Note: Gas Burner or Pan Not included

This sturdy enclosure complete with its tripod stand can be used in a variety of ways to help you cook your paella. The most common use for it is as a windshield for your paella gas burner. The burner sits in the tray protecting the flame very effectively from the wind. We have caterers using them on a beach in Cornwall (and that's often pretty windy).

The second use of the enclosure is to use it to cook your paella over an open fire within the enclosure. The pan sits securely above the enclosure and the wood is fed from the front. The final use for this multi-function enclosure is to use it as a traditional Spanish BBQ. Here a doubled sided wire grill or parrilla sits directly on a bed of coals or embers and with the food clamped between the grill, it is simply turned over regularly.

Please Note: We strongly recommend that these windshields are used only with our flame failure range of gas burners. As the windshields are very enclosed, these burners give an extra level of protection by not allowing un-burnt gas to flow without the burner being lit. For our outdoor range of gas burners we suggest the wind-skirt windshield is used.

Compatible Gas Burners:

380mm Flames VLC Professional Gas Burner with Flame Failure Cutoff

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