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Ñoras dried peppers 104g Tub


Ñoras dried peppers 104g Tub
 Ñoras dried peppers 104g TubÑoras dried peppers 104g Tub 
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Produced in Extremadura

Ñora peppers are dried small, round bell peppers. They are also known as pimiento choricero. They are known for their sweet, mild fruity taste, which can add depth of flavour and colour to stews, soups, cocidos and many other dishes.They are the main ingredient of Romescu sauce. In Spanish cuisine they are used much more  than chili peppers. They give a distinctive wonderfully earthy taste every sort of paella and in particular, "arroz a banda". 

This typical Spanish ingredient owes its name to a town called "La Ñora", in the province of Murcia. In a monastry near the town, some Hieronymite monks planted some of the first peppers which arrived from America in the late XV century and saw that drying the peppers in the sun lead to a product which didn't spoil easily and gave great flavour to their cooking. Ñora peppers are small sun-dried wine red coloured peppers. The most typical way of using them is to remove their stems and seeds and fry them. Once they are cooled, chop or grind in order to add them to a great variety of dishes most of which come from the Mediterranean: dipping sauces, rice dishes like arroz a'banda, stews in general and Romesco sauce. Alternatively, remove their stems and seeds and simply soak in warm water. Then scrape off the softened flesh, discarding the skin. 



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Model:  CA2320
No of items:  approx 20 peppers
Net Weight:  104g approx



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