250mm Gas Burner Set

250mm Gas Burner Set

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Paella Pan (size, servings)
Deep Pan (Size, Capacity)
Gas Regulator (see note below)



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Model:  BS0001

This base set is perfect for both domestic and commercial applications. It consists of a flame-failure gas burner windshield enclosure combination for which you can then add a range of paella pans, deep cooking pans or griddle plates.

What's included in this set ? 

  • 250mm Single control, FlamesVLC Professional Paella Burner with Flame failure cutoff
  • 40cm  Gas Burner Enclosure
  • Tripod Stand and tabletop legs for enclosure
  • Gas Hose & Clips


  • High power 7 KW Paella Gas Burner with single variable control
  • Thermocouple gas cut-off valve
  • For both indoor & outdoor use (with appropriate ventilation) 
  • Supports pans to from 36cm to 46cm
  • Runs on Butane or Propane
  • CE Certified to EEC 90/396 Gas Directive and factory set for UK LPG Gas pressures
  • Easy to assemble & disassemble

This configuration is extremely flexible. The gas burner may be used either with or without the enclosure in both outdoor or ventilated indoor environments. When used with the enclosure, it may be configured to use its tripod legs for a free-standing setup, or mini-legs that can convert it into a table top configuration. The TT-series FlamesVLC gas burner has an automatic thermocouple controlled cutoff valve bringing extra safety to the set. The gas burner will not let any gas to pass unless a flame is present.

Once you have selected the appropriate gas burner base set you can also choose from the supported range of paella pans, deep cooking pans or one of our excellent range of cast iron or enamelled cast iron reversible griddles.

Click on the "Pan Servings & Dimensions" Tab to see servings for various pan sizes

Polished Steel & Enamelled Steel Paella Pan Serving & Dimensions

Pan Size Tapas Servings Main Course Servings

Top Diameter ex Handles (cm)

Top Diameter inc handles (cm)
Base diameter (cm)
Max depth
10cm - - 10cm 15cm 8cm 2cm
12cm - - 12cm 16.5cm 8.5cm 2cm
15cm Tapas - 15cm 23cm 11cm 2.5cm
20cm 1 small 20cm 27cm 14.8cm 3cm
22cm 1 small 22cm 32cm 17.5cm 3cm
24cm 1-2 1 24cm 34.5cm 19.5cm 3.5cm
26cm 2 1-2 26cm 36cm 21.5cm 3.5cm
28cm 3 2 28cm 38.5cm 23cm 3.8cm
30cm 4 2-3 30cm 40.5cm 24.5cm 3.8cm
32cm 5 3 32cm 43cm 26cm 4cm
34cm 6 3-4 34cm 44.5cm 28cm 4cm
36cm 7 4 36cm 46.5cm 30.5cm 4cm
38cm 8 5-6 38cm 51cm 32.5cm 4.3cm
40cm 9 6-7 40cm 52cm 34cm 4.3cm
42cm 10 7 42cm 54.5cm 36cm 4.5cm
46cm 12 7-8 46cm 59cm 40cm 4.8cm
50cm 14 8 50cm 64cm 44cm 4.8cm
55cm 16 10 55cm 69.5cm 48cm 5cm
60cm 19 15-16 60cm 74cm 52cm 5cm
65cm 22 17-19 65cm 83cm 56cm 6cm
70cm 25 18-21 70cm      
80cm 40 30 80cm      
90cm 50 40 90cm      
100cm 85 70-75 100cm      
115cm 120 100-110 115cm      
130cm 200 170-180 130cm      

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