Extra Virgin Olive Oil Alzay Oleum Picual, 250ml

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Alzay Oleum Picual, 250ml

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Best Before: Nov 2022

Produced in Jaén, Andalucia


  • Award winning, 100% Picual extra virgin olive oil
  • Acidity 0.17º
  • Typical Olive Variety from Alcalá la Real.
  • Cold extraction at a temperature below 25ºC. Early harvest: October, 2020
  • Extracted solely through mechanical means
  • Stable oil suitable for frying, vegetable and salads.

Picual Olive Oil is the typical variety from Jaén. It is the most extended and possibly known in Spain. It is cultivated mainly in the provinces of Jaén, Cordoba and Granada and current cultivation exceeds 700,000 hectares. However as one would expect, there are some great and very average examples of this oil.

In Alzay Oleum, Miguel Román López & Francisco Montes have fulfilled their dream to produce exquisite singular Extra Virgin Olive Oils by means of only artisanal procedures. Through this, they obtain this liquid gold in the way their grandparents instilled in them: with respect, knowledge and passion.

The most distinguishing feature of Picual olive oils compared to other varieties is its slightly bitter or spicy flavour. Also as in the case of this early harvested oil, its herbaceous aromas, such as fresh grass & green, tomato.

It is a powerful olive oil and a small amount in a dish makes noticing its presence. Picual can improve vegetables which are bland or tasteless.

Picual olive oils, with their high polyphenol levels, also help to reduce the oxidation of fats in the bloodstream making them one of the most healthy olive oil varieties.

Another important feature in picual olive oil is its high content in monounsaturated oleic acid, coupled with its low content of polyunsaturated acids. This makes picual olive oil one of the most stable in oxidation, making it the most suitable to be used in the kitchen to fry & cook at high temperatures.


Very fresh and intense green fruit with hints of green grass and green tomato. Persistent taste of fresh and cleanliness with a slight spicy touch typical of the Picual variety.

Suggestions for use:

For dressing salads, tomatoes, etc.. Picual can improve vegetables which are bland or tasteless. For frying, breaded and any other use of olive oil at a high temperature. Drizzled on toasted bread (especially with tomatoes)

As this is an intense oil, it not the best variety for delicate flavours such as boiled fish, mayonnaises & desserts

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Model:  EVO0002-250
Volume:  250ml



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