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Multi-function Windshield & Open Fire Enclosure 40cm

Multi-function Windshield & Open Fire Enclosure 40cm
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40cm Version for 300mm +Gas Prof
Pan size to 50cm

Turrón de Alicante (Hard) 300g

Turrón de Alicante (Hard) 300g
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Hard Nougat variety
Only finest Marcona Almonds
2 x 150g Tablets

Natural Tomato Frito

Natural Tomato Frito
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Natural combination of tomatoes, onions, peppers & spices
Perfect for making the "sofrito" of your paella

55cm 'Duuo' Cast Iron Griddle

55cm 'Duuo' Cast Iron Griddle
£99.99   £79.99 Add to basket

Unique Double Sided 1/3 smooth, 2/3 ridged one side & 2/3 smooth,1/3 ridged the other

1Kg "Maratelli" Paella Rice (Navarra)

1Kg ''Maratelli'' Paella Rice (Navarra)
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Lovely short grain paella rice from Navarra.
Very easy to cook with, tolerant without going mushy
Makes great paellas - especially if its your first ! 

400mm +Gas Outdoor Paella Burner

400mm +Gas Outdoor Paella Burner
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Triple Ring, dual variable controls
Supports pan sizes up to 65cm
Gas Hose included

Welcome to The Paella Company
We have been importing our paella cooking equipment from Spain since 2004 and have supplied thousands of customers from everything from small tapas pans through to largest commercial paella catering cooking sets. As the UK distributors for Garcima s.l, Spain's largest and most respected paella equipment manufacturer, we are able to offer a huge range of paella pans, paella gas burners and a totally unique range of paella cooking sets.

In addition to our cooking equipment we offer an excellent range of top quality Paella Rice (in both domestic and catering quantities) along with other paella ingredients such as chorizo,  paprika & saffron. Where possible we choose products that carry the region's coveted D.O. classification.

We pride ourselves on both our expert knowledge and customer service so if you have any questions, just call us on 01256 702020

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The Paella Company - The Home of Paella
 01256 702020
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