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1200mm Industrial Class Paella Gas Burner with Automatic Flame Failure Protection

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General Description
  • Unique Industrial Class Paella Gas Burner
  • Patented A-burner double gas-air mixture stabilising and compensation chamber
  • For use with Paella Pans up to 2.0 metres
  • Thermocouple cut-out system on each ring
  • Required for all enclosed or semi-enclosed environments including gazebos
  • Requirement of many councils, markets & event organisers
  • 1200mm diameter
  • 4 rings with 3 independently gas fed, fully adjustable controls
  • 97.1KW power output (50 mbar or 20 mbar Natural Gas)
  • Gas consumption (approx): 7.54 Kg/hr (50 mbar)
  • CE certified
  • Runs on 50 mbar Propane or  20 mbar Natural Gas

Paella Pans:

      2 Rings 115cm - 130cm
      3 Rings 130cm - 160cm
      4 Rings 160cm - 200cm


     2 Rings 500 litres
     3 Rings 900 litres
     3 Rings 1,500 litres

The O-1200 model is a unique paella gas burner. It is the most powerful paella burner on the market and can power up to a 200cm diameter paella pan! It incorporates rings of patented "A-Burners" that provide a constant, direct rapid flame. Each ring control is fed via a separate gas feed due to the power of the burner. The gas burner is also available with adjustable legs to take the burner height to either 35cm or 75cm.

Flame failure devices are required for all indoor use or even semi enclosed use such as gazebos, marquees, catering vans etc.

Flames VLC has a history spanning over 50 years and produced the first approved gas burners in Spain in the 1970's. They are completely dedicated to the design and production of paella and industrial gas burners. The gas burners are fully manufactured at the Valencia factory from the first piece of material to the final operational test phase all under stringent controls.

Please note:  The gas burner will only run 50 mbar Propane. Due to the gas feed requirements, it requires professional commissioning from qualified LPG GasSafe engineers. 



Our Suppliers

Flames VLC is much more than a family business. More than a meeting of the members of a family, Flames is one of the strongest companies in the sector. The company’s origins go back the 1960s,  creating the first approved gas burners in Spain in the 1970s. The life of the company’s founder is a clear example of excellence, research, innovation and enthusiasm.

Flames is dedicated to the manufacture of industrial and domestic gas burners, as well as their corresponding accessories. It also specializes in the manufacture of oversize burners and paella pans. The company’s product range is aimed at various sectors, such as household and garden, hotel, restaurant and catering, the artisanal food industry and large culinary events. Flames’ passion for food culture provides it with a wealth of knowledge about many different sectors to which it is able to adapt its products, such as the production of artisanal beer, distilled spirits, aromatic essences, the honey industry, etc.

Innovation represents one of the company’s main challenges, as is shown by the unique, 30-100 kw O- and M- series burners. The company’s hallmarks are undoubtedly the quality of its products, a fast and efficient service, personalized advice, as well as the continuous innovation and development of new and differentiated products. It therefore comes as no surprise that the company has adopted the “360º Made in Spain” commitment: Flames guarantees that all its burners are fully manufactured at its facilities in Alginet, Valencia (Spain). No accessories are imported and the entire manufacturing process, from the first piece to the operational test phase, is subject to the most stringent control.


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