Ingredients & Food

Paella Rice & Fideuà
Authentic top quality paella rice from Valencia & Navarra. Available in both home and catering formats
Paella Spices
Range of paella seasoning that will give your paella that authentic touch - Very much an accepted cheat!
Paprika & Seasoning
Sun dried paprika from Murcia and Ñora peppers for a range of Spanish dishes
Paella Stock & Sofritos
Natural paella stocks and ready made sofritos for quick and delicious paellas
Crisps, Snacks & Sunflower Seeds
Luxurious gourmet crisps in amazing flavours as well as famous Spanish "pipas"
Gazpachos &  Sauces
A selection of typical Spanish sauces, including Salsa Brava and Mojo Picon
A range of the finest saffron from one of Spain's most proeminent Saffron manufacturer, including D.O. La Mancha saffron
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