100cm Professional Paella Catering Package (with Flame Failure)

Flames VLC

100cm Professional Paella Catering Package (with Flame Failure)
 Options: 100cm Polished Paella PanOptions: 100cm Enamelled Paella Pan 
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Model:  CAT04P

What's included in this catering package? 
  • 700mm Three control FlamesVLC Professional Paella Burner with Flame failure cutout
  • 100cm Heavy Duty 4 Handled Polished Steel or Enamelled Steel Paella Pan
  • Robust extra-strong folding tripod
  • Propane Gas Regulator (or other regulator by request)
  • Gas Hose & Clips
  • Serves around 70-85 Servings of Paella
  • CE Certified to EEC 90/396 Gas Directive and factory set for UK LPG Gas pressures
  • Runs on Butane or Propane

The set comes with the 100cm Paella pan, the 700mm indoor/outdoor complaint gas burner, a very sturdy folding tripod stand gas hose & propane regulator.

The gas burner in this set is from FlamesVLC, a specialist paella gas burner manufacturer from Valencia. Their patented pilot system means that once one ring has been lit, any of the rings will automatically re-light once being turned off and back on again. The flame cutoff valve will not allow gas to flow unless the gas burner has been lit and will automatically cut the gas supply should all flames be extinguished. 

This makes the gas burner complaint for all indoor and outdoor environments.

We will also include a listing in our Website catering & hire directory if you want, so customers wanting to find paella caterers or hire facilities in your area will easily find your details.

This size is extremely popular with caterers of all types giving up to about 85 servings (tapas size)

The burners will run on both Propane & Butane and have been fully adjusted to UK gas pressures and is fully CE certified

Please Note: All our Catering paella pans, gas burners & cooking sets have been priced for commercial trade customers. However, we are able to offer an additional 5%, 8% or 10% discount for all orders totalling over £1,000, £1,500 & £2,000 respectively.

What type of Paella Gas burner do I need ?

Our range of paella gas burners are available with or without gas cut-off valves. If you plan to use the burner totally outside, in what is called a "blue sky" environment (that's assuming we get any blue sky !!), then the normal paella burner will suffice (+Gas or Classic). If your cooking is either enclosed or semi enclosed (which includes gazebos, marquees or indoors), then a paella burner with FSD's (Flame Supervision Device) is required.  Gas burners with FSD's have one or multiple thermocouple detectors on the gas rings. The gas will not be allowed to flow unless there is a flame keeping this thermocouple hot. If for any reason the flame is extinguished then, as soon as the thermocouple cools down, the gas supply will be shut off.

FSD compliant gas burners are also often a requirement for many councils, market or event organisers even if the gas burners are to be used fully outside. Therefore if you plan to cater at different events or markets it would be much safer (in terms of complying with any local regulations) to select a burner or cooking set with a flame failure gas burner.

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