LotusGrill Standard 34cm


LotusGrill Standard 34cm
LotusGrill Standard 34cmLotusGrill Standard 34cmLotusGrill Standard 34cmLotusGrill Standard 34cm
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Model:  LG-G-RO-34


Product Description:

  • Fan operated charcoal grill 
  • Grill ready in 3 minutes - smoke-free, healthy and safe
  • Grill grid and inner bowl are made of stainless steel and can be cleaned in a dish-washer
  • Multiple fun colour options
  • Many accesories available to increase the range of options for your LotusGrill
  • Perfect for home, picnics, camping, boating & on the beach

Includes Free Carry Bag, Free Lighter Gel and Free 1kg Bag of Charcoal.

Smokeless, cool to the touch and available in a bright range of fun colours, the award-winning Lotus Grill Charcoal BBQ will change the way you barbecue and cook outside.

German-designed and engineered, and the grill uses 90% less charcoal to cook the perfect meal. Undoubtedly the most amazing feature of the Lotus Grill is its speed! It will be ready to cook food 3-4 minutes from lighting. This is achieved by the patented ‘bellows’ system; an adjustable fan blows air directly onto the charcoal to create rapid high heat, and the desired cooking temperature much faster.

Th fan speed control adjusts the amount of heat. The more air that is provided, the hotter the charcoal burns. There is no risk of flames, flying sparks or dropping charcoal because the charcoal is placed in a closed container inside the inner bowl. With its double-layered wall construction, the LotusGrill keeps heat inside the bowl with the outer wall never too hot to touch, move or even carry. With it's clever design, any grease dripping from your food is caught by the  inner bowl, which can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

This round instant charcoal BBQ is light weight and comes with a colour coded matching nylon carry bag, so it is very easy to transport for festivals, camping, boating or at the beach.

To light the LotusGrill simply add some LotusGrill lighting gel to the ignition base and light it. The turn on the fan and cover with the charcoal filled container, replace the grill and you're ready to cook in a few minutes.

LotusGrill Beechwood Charcoal 1Kg Box

LotusGrill Beechwood Charcoal 1Kg Box£8.99

Convenient Box Format
Fast ignition
High heat output
Quick to light and use
Sufficient for about 6 uses of a LotusGrill standard and 3 times for XL
LotusGrill Lighting Gel

LotusGrill Lighting Gel£6.75

LotusGrill Silcone Basting Brush

LotusGrill Silcone Basting Brush£5.95

LotusGrill Silicone BBQ Tongs

LotusGrill Silicone BBQ Tongs£11.50

Piezo Gas Lighter

Piezo Gas Lighter£4.99

Refillable Gas Lighter
Flexible wand
No batteries required


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