Vaello 500 Garden Paella Set
Vaello 500 Garden Paella Set
Vaello 500 Garden Paella Set
Vaello 500 Garden Paella Set

Vaello 500 Garden Paella Set

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General Description

What's included in the Vaello 500 Garden Paella set? 

  • 500mm Vaello Campos Dual control Paella Gas Burner
  • Choice of Polished Steel or Enamelled  Steel Paella Pans from 60cm to 70cm diameter
  • 75cm high, Braced Tripod Stand for extra stability with larger pans
  • Gas hose and clips


  • Dual Ring Paella Gas Burner
  • 2 independent gas rings
  • Supports pans from 38cm to 42cm on the inner ring and 60cm, 65cm or 70cm on both rings
  • Runs on Butane or Propane
  • For outdoor use only
  • CE Certified to EEC 90/396 Gas Directive and factory set for UK LPG Gas pressures
  • Braced tripod stand for extra strength
  • Easy to assemble & disassemble

This paella cooking set is perfect for larger family parties. It is based on the Vaello La Valenciana 500mm paella gas burner. With this configuration, we have added the braced tripod stand for extra stability.  It can be configured with choices of either Polished steel or Enamelled steel paella pans from 60cm, 65cm or 70cm pans

The paella set also includes a gas hose and clips. You will just need to choose a regulator for the appropriate gas bottle you want to use. (See gas & regulator guide for more information). The gas burner will run on both Propane & Butane.

** Important Note: We offer a service to crimp the regulator on the gas hose and burner. This a very strong connection, but will not have been leak tested. As always, check for any gas leaks using soapy water around all connections before lighting.

  • 60cm Paella Pan  12-15 main course portions,  up to 19 tapas size
  • 65cm Paella Pan  15-19 main course portions,  up to  25 tapas size
  • 70cm Paella Pan  20-25  main course portions,  up to  30 tapas size

Click on the "Pan Servings & Dimensions" Tab to see servings for all pan sizes

Paella Set Accessories

Silicon Paella Pan Handle Grips (1 Pair)
Fits all paella pans from 38cm to 55cm
& Ibili Paella Pans from 32cm
Can be left on the pan when cooking
Adjustable Levelling Feet for Tripod Stands (set of 3)
From  £15.99
Height Adjustable feet for Paella Burner Stands
Levelling feet pads for uneven surfaces
Suitable for Red round tube Stands
Spanish Wooden Paella Spoon
Spanish Wooden Paella Spoon
From  £3.99
22cm Oiled Beech Spoon
Traditionally used for eating paella
53cm Enamelled Cast Iron Griddle
Heavyweight Cast Iron Griddle
Tough, smooth enamel coating
One side smooth, other side ridged
Suitable for 380mm to 460mm burners
53cm Reversible Cast Iron Griddle
Heavyweight Cast Iron Griddle
One side smooth, other side ridged
Stay cool wire handles
Suitable for 380mm to 460mm gas burners
60cm Aluminium Lid
60cm Aluminium Lid
Lightweight aluminium lid
Fits Paella Pans 55cm
Fits Deep Pans 55cm & 60cm
55cm Aluminium Lid
55cm Aluminium Lid
Lightweight aluminium lid
Fits Paella Pans 50cm
Fits Deep Pans 50cm & 55cm

Pan Servings & Dimensions

Polished Steel & Enamelled Steel Paella Pan Serving & Dimension Information

Paella Pans are tradionally described by the size of their top diameter. The base is somewhat smaller due to the sloping sides of a traditional paella pan. When cooking paella it is important to choose the right size pan to keep the paella thin. The most common mistake in cooking paella is to overfill the pan.

We have included some information for choosing the size of paella pan:

  • Main vs Tapas Portions

    Each pan is marked by the manufacturer for the number of "Raciones" it will serve. This is best described as a "tapas" size portion. It is slightly strange as in Spain you would never see a paella pan being used to serve these numbers of portions. For example a 50cm pan is described as serving 14 portions, but in practice it will be used for about 7 people (perhaps even less). However the sizing is used by all the pan manufacturers in Spain, so it isn't going to change. Therefor we have added a column for Main course size servings, that give a better impression of the pan capacity.


  • Minimum amounts for each size pan

    It is always better to use have less in the pan than the maximum number of main course portions. A thin paella (up to a depth of about 1cm) will cook and taste better than an overfilled pan. As a general rule of thumb, if you take half (or a little more) the value of tapas portions, that would be approximately the minimum amount of main course portions the pan can be used for. eg for a 50cm Pan max main course portions is about 8, min would be 14/2 so 7 or or 6

  • Cooking on a gas hob

    It is important to try and get an even cooking heat as possible. This becomes very neccessary in the later stages of cooking paella when the rice is cooking. The flame does not need to cover the whole base of the pan, but conversely you dont want a small concentrated heat in the centre. In practice a gas hob can cook up to about a 36cm (maybe a 38cm) pan depending on the size of the gas burners. It is possible to use larger pans on agas hob if they can span multiple gas burners. However this will mean moving the pan (not stirring the paella !) around while the rice is cooking.

    Remember normal paella pans are for gas or open fire only. If you are cooking on electric or AGA's then you will need one of our flat-bottomed paella pans


Pan Size Tapas Servings Main Course Servings

Top Diameter ex Handles (cm)

Top Diameter inc handles (cm)
Base diameter (cm)
Max depth
10cm - - 10cm 15cm 8cm 2cm
12cm - - 12cm 16.5cm 8.5cm 2cm
15cm Tapas - 15cm 23cm 11cm 2.5cm
20cm 1 small 20cm 27cm 14.8cm 3cm
22cm 1 small 22cm 32.5cm 18cm 3.5cm
24cm 1-2 1 24cm 34.5cm 20cm 3.5cm
26cm 2 1+ 26cm 36.5cm 22cm 3.5cm
28cm 3 2 28cm 38.5cm 23cm 3.5cm
30cm 4 2-3 30cm 40.5cm 25cm 3.5cm
32cm 5 3 32cm 43cm 27cm 4cm
34cm 6 3-4 34cm 44.5cm 29cm 4cm
36cm 7 4 36cm 46.5cm 31cm 4cm
38cm 8 5 38cm 51cm 33cm 4.5cm
40cm 9 5-6 40cm 52cm 34cm 4.5cm
42cm 10 6-7 42cm 54.5cm 36cm 4.5cm
46cm 12 7-8 46cm 59cm 40cm 5cm
50cm 14 8-10 50cm 64cm 44cm 5cm
55cm 16 10-12 55cm 69.5cm 48cm 5cm
60cm 19 15-16 60cm 74cm 52cm 5cm
65cm 25 19-22 65cm 83cm 56cm 6cm
70cm 30 20-25 70cm   61cm 6cm
80cm 40 30-35 80cm   70cm  
90cm 50 40-45 90cm   80cm  
100cm 85 70-75 100cm   90cm  
115cm 120 100-110 115cm   100cm  
130cm 200 170-180 130cm   116cm  

Reviews (4)
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4 Reviews:

great product, excellent service
22 July 2021  | 

Cooking paella for my family of 20 was the easiest lunch to make. The 70cm pan was ideal and the product itself is well made and sturdy.
I ordered on line but when I later decided to add a lid, I rang to add to my order and the service was great.

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Good quality
14 June 2021  | 

This is a really good cooking set. I was concerned the stand would be flimsy, but it is sturdy enough to hold the large paella pan and itís contents which is heavy. I advise using a spirit level before using otherwise the liquid may spill out. The whole package was delivered quickly with useful notifications sent. The stand was a little tricky to construct so you need an extra pair of hands to help. There were no instruction on how to do this but careful scrutiny of the website picture solved the problem. I paid extra for the hose to be crimped but it was just clipped. It was easy to cook a large paella. I would suggest placing it somewhere where you can access it all around as it is quite a reach to the other side of the pan.
Overall, I would highly recommend this company for quality and speed of delivery. We enjoyed a delicious outdoor paella party with friends.

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All good, quick delivery
10 April 2021  | 

All good, quick delivery

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Vaello 500 garden paella set
08 April 2021  | 

Arrived quickly, boxed well, service was fantastic and looks great. Not used yet, can't wait for the warm weather. Thanks

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Vaello Campos
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