200mm Single Ring Outdoor Paella Burner

200mm Single Ring Outdoor Paella Burner

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Model:  VC1420


  • 200mm diameter single ring gas burner
  • 1 fully adjustable control
  • Can be used on a table
  • CE certified
  • Runs on butane, propane or camping Gaz
  • Outdoor use only

Recommended Paella Pans:  26cm - 34cm

The 200mm is our smallest single ring gas burner from Vaello - La Valenciana. It is a traditional, well trusted design that has worked well for paella cooking for a number of years. It has a single variable control control and can support paella pans from 26cm through to 34cm.

It can either be used on a heat-proof table of with one of our tripod stand options. It is fully CE certified and has be calibrated for UK gas pressures. It can work with on Butane, Propane or Camping Gaz with the appropiate gas regulator attached.

It is to be used for outdoor use only.

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