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22cm Polished Steel Tapas Paella Pan

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  • Traditional High Quality Spanish Paella Pan made in Valencia, the ancestral home of paella 
  • Hand Polished finish
  • Material: Polished Laminated Steel  
  • Size: 22cm (measured rim to rim)
  • Servings: 1 small size portion
  • Suitable for:  Gas Hob, Open fire/BBQ
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Indulge in the traditional flavours of Spain with our polished steel paella pans! These pans are the epitome of simplicity and robustness, yet budget-friendly. Crafted from laminated polished steel, these pans are a must-have for any paella lover. All you need to do is seal them with a thin coating of cooking oil after cleaning, just like you would with a wok or cast iron griddle.

The dished base of these pans allows the oil to collect in the centre, making them perfect for cooking on gas hobs, open fires, or a Paella Gas burner. However, if you have an electric, halogen, induction hob or an AGA, you should check out our range of flat bottomed paella pans.

Take a look at the "Care Instruction" tab or download the instruction sheet below for more information on how to care for and clean your polished steel paella pans. Get ready to bring the taste of Spain to your kitchen!

 Polished Steel Paella Pan Care Leaflet

Care Instructions

Polished Steel Paella Pan Care Instructions:

Using your pan for the first time

Before you can enjoy your new pan for the first time you will need to remove the label and the thin, protective coat of lacquer. The label should peel off very easily. Now either on the gas burner or your hob fill the pan nearly to the top with water and bring to the boil. This both cures the pan and softens the lacquer coating. Carefully pour away the water and the with soap and a scourer scrub the inside of the pan. Rinse with clean water and then dry the pan immediately and thoroughly. DO NOT let the pan air-dry

If you are cooking straight away, then you are ready to go. However, if not, the pan now needs to be sealed with a coating of oil. Simply pour a little cooking oil in the pan and wipe all over with a piece of kitchen roll.  Any excess oil can be wiped off with another piece of kitchen oil.

Care during use

Traditional Polished Steel Paella Pans are designed for use with gas or a direct flame. (We do also have a range of flat based paella pans that can also be used on induction, electric & AGA hobs). Never place an empty pan on a direct heat. Heat your pan slowly and control the heat at all times. Polished steel paella pans are not suitable for use in ovens or microwaves. Use only metal or wooden utensils and never plastic as these pans (including the handles) get extremely hot. Keep away from children at all times

Cleaning & storage

After you have finished your paella, the pan is easiest to clean if soaked for a while. Clean thoroughly with a pan scourer and soap and then rinse. Dry the pan immediately and never allow the pan to air dry after washing. As with the new pan, simply seal the pan with some cooking oil and wipe over with kitchen roll. Finally store your pan in a dry place in a plastic bag if possible.

 Download Polished Paella Pan Care Instructions

Paella Pan Accessories

Spanish Wooden Paella Spoon
Spanish Wooden Paella Spoon
From  £3.99
22cm Oiled Beech Spoon
Traditionally used for eating paella
23cm Stainless Steel Lid
23cm Stainless Steel Lid
Strong Stainless Steel ridged lid with steam vents & drain holes
Perfect for general household pans
For Pans 18cm , 20cm & 22cm diameter

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1 Review:

Small paella pan
02 February 2019  | 

Excellent. I used to live in Spain and worried where I could get pans, spices et. No problem as the Paellea Compny came to my rescue.

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No of Servings

Tapas Portions1
Main Course 1 small
Suitable for

Gas, Paella Gas Burner, Open Fire
Vaello Campos
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