70cm Open Fire Tripod
 70cm Open Fire Tripod70cm Open Fire Tripod 
70cm Open Fire Tripod
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Model:  VC2870
Paella Pan Size:  60cm to 100cm


  • Solid wrought iron fire tripod for the most traditional way to cook paella
  • 70cm diameter, about 30cm high
  • Suitable for our large paella pan sizes from about 80cm to 100cm
  • Can be used for small pans from about 60cm diameter

Cooking paella over an open fire is a great way and a surprising simple way to create your masterpiece. These forged wrought iron open fire tripods simply sit within on the ground and the fire is built around it. The very large 70cm tripod can be used with pans from 80cm through to about 100cm diameter. You can also use it for smaller froms from about 60cm on the inner prongs of the tripod

They are incredibly sturdy and raise the pan about 30cm off the ground. They support a wide range of pan sizes, both smaller and larger than the tripod itself.

Apart from the usual safety precautions,  other tips for cooking you paella over an open fire are:

  • Ensure the wood used is not tainted by paint or creosote 
  • Use small bits of wood that will burn down quickly - Traditionally Orange branches are used, but are a bit difficult to find in the UK!
  • Have enough space around the tripod in order that you can rake out the embers (especially when the paella is very nearly cooked)
  • Start with a medium fire when  cooking your meat or fish. Build up the fire when the stock is in  (the flames can be licking around the side of the pan). When the rice is starting to show through, let the fire die down or rake out to only embers showing.
  • Use a long handle skimmer spoon


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